My Dog Tried It: BarkBox Subscription Box

Meet Louie.  He’s my child rescue pup and the apple of my eye.  I found him on Petfinder almost 3 years ago and it was love at first sight.  I knew I had to have him and lucky for me, a wonderful woman named April envisioned me and the Mr. as being great doggy parents.  After the adoption process went through, little Louie traveled with Rescue Road Trips from Louisiana to Pennsylvania where we picked him up.  From the moment Louie arrived he became my second shadow.  He still follows me everywhere and snuggles up next to me as soon as I sit down anywhere.  He’s really the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, so it should come as no surprise that he’s a rather spoiled pup.

When I discovered BarkBox, a monthly subscription box filled with a variety of dog treats and toys, I couldn’t resist ordering it for Louie.  I’m fairly strict about the type of food and treats he eats, so I was delighted to read that Barkbox only sources their goodies from high quality vendors who use the finest ingredients.

From the moment I walked in the door with the July Barkbox, Louie knew something was up.  He was excitedly sniffing around like a professional hunting dog trailing its latest prey.  I could barely get the box open before he jumped all over me in a frenzy.  To say the least, the Barkbox was a big hit – 100% Louie approved!  The proof is in the pictures, folks. Just look at this adorable lil’ maniac:




I found the contents of the box to be a good value and a great way to learn about new products. Here’s a breakdown of the July Barkbox for medium sized dogs:

  • Harry Barker Shark Toy – $12 value
  • Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats – $10 value
  • Superior Farms USA Beef Pizzle Stick – $4 value
  • Mr. Barksmith’s Pina Colada Smoothie – $2 value
  • PetSafe Indigo Triple Chews – $11

Total value of products = $39 / Price for 1 Barkbox = $29

The more months you sign up, the better deal you’ll get:

  • 3 month plan = $72 total ($24 /month)
  • 6 month plan = $114 total ($19/month)
  • 12 month plan = $219 total ($18/month)

Get 10% off your subscription by signing up with BarkBox today & sharing the love with your pup!

Ps. Louie is an aggressive chewer and few toys can withstand the force of his chompers.  Sadly, the shark toy didn’t last long. Exhibit A:


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