I Tried It: Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding, also referred to as SUP, seems like all the rage right now so I decided to give it a try during my recent trip to Lake George, NY.  SUP basically involves standing on a long board while paddling around a lake or ocean.

The lake was pretty calm when I ventured out on my SUP journey, so it was easier for me to get my sea legs under me.  Stand Up Paddleboarding is a full body workout, but I felt it most in my core since SUP requires a lot of balance and stability.  Overall, I absolutely loved it!  I’ve been kayaking and canoeing before, both of which I enjoy, but I think Stand Up Paddleboarding is my new favorite.  I even got brave enough to bring Louie on the board with me (and we didn’t fall off!).  Proof below:



…we should both be wearing life jackets. Remember, safety first!

Have you tried Paddleboarding before?  Tell me what your favorite water sport is and maybe I’ll give it a try!


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