I Tried It: Fabletics

I have a confession to make.  I am guilty of wearing very uncool exercise clothing.  My workout wardrobe consists mostly of worn out t-shirts from 15 years ago and a couple pairs of nondescript cotton shorts (also years old).  It wasn’t until I started attending a variety of exercise classes in New York City that I realized I needed to up my fitness-fashion game.

Finding quality workout clothes at reasonable prices can be a tough feat.  I simply cannot justify spending $98 on a pair of yoga pants, so I was stoked when my workout buddy suggested I give Fabletics a try.  Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics offers affordable, functional and trendy activewear.

If you sign up for the Fabletics VIP Program, you’ll receive your first outfit for $25.  A very tempting deal, right?  I couldn’t resist so I signed up, filled out the lifestyle quiz, and was presented with a slew of personalized outfits to fit my workout routines.  I decided to step out of my comfort zone and pick a crazy printed pant that I normally wouldn’t choose and paired it with a purple tank and aqua sports bra.


My Fabletics outfit choices

When I received my shipment, I was surprised by how incredibly soft each piece of clothing is.  I changed into my new outfit right away and tested it out with a circuit training workout.  The fit, stretch and feel of pieces were all superb.  I’ve already washed everything a few times and it’s held up in the wash pretty well.

fabletics-review fabletics-review2
Overall, I think Fabletics is a fun idea.  I won’t be ordering a new outfit every month, but I’ll definitely purchase more activewear from them in the future when I need it.  What do you think?  Will you be signing up with Fabletics to get your first outfit for $25?


  1. Christina says:

    Be sure to skip each month so they don’t debit your card! I have 2 outfits and I love the quality but I don’t need to order each month.

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