TBT Try: Appearing on National TV

It’s “Throwback Thursday” so I figured I’d share a throwback try.  Last year, I saw a casting call from The Knot asking for NYC-area brides interested in appearing on national television.  I happened to be getting married a few months from that point and thought, “Hmmm.. interesting! Why not give it a try?”  I submitted my photo & information and patiently waited to see if I got a reply.  The next morning I opened my inbox to an email from the PR girl asking if I was available to come to The Knot offices for a model fitting.  How cool! The next thing I know, I’m trying on wedding dresses and bridal accessories in the wardrobe room of one of the largest lifestyle media companies in the world. Fast forward to a few days later as I’m being picked up by a fancy car service right outside my apartment building at 5:30am on a Tuesday morning.  In the car window was a sign with the Today Show logo and my name below it!  Proof: today-show-guest Upon arriving at 30 Rockefeller Center,  I was escorted to the green room where I had my hair and makeup done while sitting next to a handful of recognizable on-air correspondents and a couple celebrity guests.  I was feeling pretty nervous! today-show-guest-green-room


The girls with The Knot’s Cofounder Carley Roney

It was a long process, but show time finally arrived.  I, along with the other bridal models, was ushered to the live set.  During commercial break, we were given a rundown of how the segment would go and where we were supposed to walk, spin and turn in front of the camera.  As I prepared to step in front of the camera on LIVE TELEVISION I felt my legs turn into jello.  The only thing saving me from going into an anxiety attack was deep breathing.  I thought to myself, “Come on, Lauren.  You can do this! Remember, it’s FUN!”

You can check out the segment here:


My inner monologue was correct…  I had a blast!  Even though my on-screen cameo was brief, it was an absolute rush — both surreal and invigorating. I was eager to experience it all over again, so I was beyond flattered and excited when The Knot asked me to come back and model for another Today Show segment a couple months later!  This time around I was featured in a segment about wedding etiquette and what guests should wear to weddings.  It was even more fun than the first time.  Video below:


Moral of the story: it might seem scary to step out of your normal boundaries and try something new, but it’s almost always worth the risk.

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