Tried & True: Konjac Sponge

Made from the fibrous root of the Konjac plant, the konjac sponge makes an excellent all-natural exfoliant.  The texture of the sponge is squishy with a soft, rubbery texture.  It’s certainly a bit odd at first feel, but once you use it to cleanse your face you’ll be sold on it.  It leaves your skin feeling smoother than a baby’s bottom.  And who doesn’t want that?!

I’m an avid Julep Maven (more on that in an upcoming post), so I use the Julep Konjac Cleansing Sponge.  It’s enriched with charcoal, which helps to further clarify the skin.  I’ve tried other exfoliants including the Clarisonic brush and the konjac sponge is by far my favorite.  Here are a few of the many reasons why I love my konjac sponge:


      • Gentle on the skin
      • Affordable – the average cost is between $7 – $15 (I pay $9.60 for the Julep sponge)
      • Shelf-life is 2-4 months depending upon your frequency of use
      • 100% biodegradable and natural
      • Julep’s Konjac Sponge in particular comes with a little suction cup for easy hanging/storage


What do you think?  Will you be trying the konjac sponge?  If yes, let me know how it goes.  And if you have a favorite exfoliant, please share it with me in the comments!

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