I Tried It: Dryer Balls

Yes, you read that title correctly… I tried dryer balls.  Dryer balls are these weird-looking rubber balls covered in soft spikes.  I’ve always been semi-interested in giving them a whirl, so when I saw a set at Marshall’s for $2.99 I figured, “Why not?”

dryer-ballsWhile traditional dryer sheets are great at softening clothes and removing static cling, they are comprised of toxic chemicals that can wreak havoc on our nervous systems.  To say the least, they aren’t particularly healthy for humans or the environment.  So, I set out to discover whether or not dryer balls are a safe, yet effective, alternative to dryer sheets.

The answer?  Yes and no.  I tend to do very large loads of laundry (call it laziness if you want), which can really slow drying time because everything gets tangled into a giant mess.  The dryer balls bounce around the machine during drying so it helps keep the clothing from clumping together, which decreases overall drying time. They are also really cost effective compared to the price of dryer sheets. On the downside, I don’t think the dryer balls did much in terms of reducing static cling or softening clothes as much as a dryer sheet would.

The verdict: They aren’t amazing, but I’ll keep using them to speed up drying time and save on electricity.


  1. Lauren says:

    The alpaca farm in New Tripoli makes dryer balls from alpaca fur. These might be a more natural portion for you and work well on static!

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