I Tried It: Rent the Runway

I’m at a point in my life where a majority of my friends are getting married, which means I’ve had a multitude of fabulous weddings to attend year after year. Initially, I really enjoyed shopping for fancy new cocktail dresses, but after awhile my closet was overflowing with dresses I’d only worn once or twice (thank you ever-changing trends!) and my bank account was dwindling.


Ali Ro – Dot My Eyes Dress

The solution: Rent the Runway, an online designer dress rental service. Over the past few months, I’ve rented 4 different dresses for events & weddings from RTR.  My experiences with the dresses have varied each time, but Rent the Runway customer service has consistently been top-notch. In a nutshell, you pick the dress you want in 2 different sizes and Rent the Runway ships your order to you for a 4-day period. Then, you simply mail the dresses back in the provided UPS envelope – so easy! The first dress I ordered was a floor-length Badgley Mischka gown for a formal wedding.  The gown arrived in impeccable condition and my overall experience was a favorable one.

My 2nd rental, however, was a bit of a failure. One day before my Shoshanna dress was set to arrive, I received an email from Rent the Runway alerting me that my particular rental dress was ruined by the previous renter and therefore couldn’t be delivered to me in time. In an attempt to make things right, Rent the Runway shipped me an alternate dress.  It was a nice thought, but the alternate dress was a completely different style and I wasn’t digging it at all. I contacted RTR’s customer service and the rep refunded my order and offered me 50% off my next order.


Lily Pulitzer – Rope Dress

The 3rd rental I placed through Rent the Runway was for my free birthday dress (a bonus of having a Pro RTR account). I didn’t have any fancy birthday plans, so I chose a semi-casual Lily Pulitzer dress and ended up wearing it out for a dinner date.  No complaints.

My most recent order was for a fall wedding, so I picked a mesh-sleeved Ali Ro dress (featured in the first photo above).  One of the sizes that arrived smelled like body odor, which was really gross. Thankfully, the 2nd size fit just a well (lesson learned: always opt for the free 2nd size).  I received a lot of compliments on the dress and absolutely loved wearing it.

All in all, I definitely recommend using Rent the Runway for dress rentals.  It’s super convenient and also really fun to be able to wear designer dresses you otherwise might not be able to afford.  Dress rentals start at $30.  If you opt for a Pro account (a yearly fee of $29.95), you’ll get free shipping and insurance on every order ($14.95 savings) as well as a free birthday rental. Essentially, the Pro plan pays for itself after two rental orders.

To get a $20 credit on your first order, sign up for Rent the Runway through this link!

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