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I’d been dreaming of visiting Iceland for awhile, so I was beyond ecstatic when my awesome husband surprised me with my dream vacation as my birthday gift this year!  We’ve just returned from “the land of fire and ice” and I can barely begin to describe how incredible our experience was.  I think the best way for me to share my Iceland vacation would be to list my top 5 favorite things about the trip with photographic evidence.  Here it goes (in no particular order)…

1. The Blue Lagoon 

This place is insanely cool! The Blue Lagoon is a fancy geothermal spa located in a lava field. It harnesses the water output from the nearby geothermal power plant. The water is rich with silica and other minerals, which are supposedly great for the skin. (Warning ladies: avoid dipping your hair in the water because it will really dry it out). The cost of admission is a bit high, but totally worth the experience.


The Blue Lagoon

2. The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle consists of 3 major attractions in Icleand: Þingvellir National Park, the Geysir & Hot Spring area and Gullfoss waterfall. We rented a car during our trip, so we opted to do a self-drive of the Golden Circle instead of a guided bus tour. Each place was unique and beautiful, but our absolute favorite was Þingvellir where we spent a great deal of time hiking around the area in complete awe of our majestic surroundings.  The photos of each location below speak for themselves… especially the double rainbow over Gullfoss!


Þingvellir National Park


Hot Springs


Gullfoss waterfall

3. Reykjavik 

We stayed at a rental apartment in downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.  The city is charming, eclectic and very manageable in terms of walk-ability.  There are a lot of cute places to shop and grab a bite to eat as well as an array of different museums.  If you can’t make it to The Blue Lagoon, there are also plenty of geothermal pools and spas to enjoy in Reykjavik.


Waterfront view along Reykjavik


Charming Reykjavik

4. ATV Tour

After lounging around the The Blue Lagoon one day and exploring The Golden Circle the next day, we were sort of at a loss for what to do on our 3rd day in Iceland.  We were seeking another adventure so we booked an ATV tour on a whim with ATV Adventures Iceland.  Our top-notch guide Isaak led us on a 1.5 hour journey around Grindavik.  We rode along the ship-wrecked shorelines and headed up to the top of Hagafell mountain where we were treated to a panoramic view of The Blue Lagoon and Grindavik.  Riding through the lava terrain of Iceland was such a treat and something I’d recommend 100%.


Looks like we’re walking on the moon


View from Hagafell

5. Overall Vibe & Culture

Icelanders are very proud of their heritage and culture and they’re happy to share it with you.  Everyone we met was friendly and helpful.  The restaurants surpassed our expectations.  The food was delicious – in fact, I had the best fish and chips of my life at Icelandic Fish & Chips in Reykjavik.

Driving through Iceland, you’ll see tons of horses and sheep grazing in fields.  You’re also likely to see an insane number of double rainbows since the weather goes from rainy to sunny constantly.

In an attempt to wrap this up (because I could drone on and on about my new found love for Iceland), I’m just going to suggest you add Iceland to your travel wish list because it’s truly unlike any other place in the world.

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