I Tried It: Coconut Oil Hair Mask

coconut-oil-organicLately, it seems every blogger and media outlet is hailing coconut oil as the ultimate tool in their beauty arsenal.  It’s super versatile and can used for everything from cleaning teeth to removing eye makeup.  (I’m sensing a lot of coconut oil “tries” in my future).

My hair has a tendency to be on the dry side, so I went on a Google adventure to discover the best DIY hair conditioning mask recipes.  Lo and behold, coconut oil was a common suggestion. Reviewers raved about how soft, supple and shiny their hair was after using a coconut oil mask.

“Easy enough,” I thought. All I needed to do was slather a big gob of coconut oil onto my hair and let it set for approximately 30 minutes while I watched my favorite TV show.  After 30 minutes was up, I hopped in the shower and thoroughly shampooed my hair… or so I thought. It was rather late at night by the time I finished this little DIY experiment so I went to bed with wet hair.

When I woke up in the morning I was so excited to see how soft and shiny my hair was. Unfortunately, when I looked in the mirror the image staring back at me was a sleepy lady with extremely greasy-looking hair. It was greasy to the point of looking wet.  Not a good look.

In the end, it took me at least 4 rounds of thorough shampooing in order to remove the oil.  Maybe I applied too much coconut oil to begin with? At any rate, I think having to shampoo my hair repeatedly probably reversed any positive effects the oil had anyway.  I won’t be rushing to retry it anytime soon, that’s for sure.  Have you ladies tried any at-home hair masks that have been effective? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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