I Tried It: Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

Let me start by declaring this: Warrior Fitness Boot Camp ranks as one of the hardest fitness classes I’ve ever taken.  The place is run by Marines and classes are “based on the principles and rigors of the U.S. Marine Corps.” From the minute class starts, the instructors get right to it, barking orders and pushing you to your physical max.


This is Kevin, pre-hurl.

I somehow convinced my coworker Kevin to accompany me to the Warrior Fitness classes.  We showed up to our first class a bit terrified because we made the mistake of reading the Yelp reviews, most of which were 5-star with people claiming it’s not uncommon to throw-up your first time. (A five-star throw-up experience… great! Can’t wait!)

Lo and behold, Kevin did indeed upchuck his lunch half way through an insane amount of burpee reps. (I warned him not to eat a salad for lunch. tsk tsk!)  My stomach, thankfully, stayed strong.  The rest of me, however, not so much… I felt like I was going to pass out at certain points.  Between running up 10 flights of stairs while lugging 10 lb dumbbells in each hand, doing calisthenic drills on repeat, and struggling through the obstacle course three times, I was thoroughly exhausted by the end of the 1-hour class.  My legs were jello and every other muscle in my body was fatigued.   If you’re looking for the perfect mix of cardio, toning, HIIT, and pure torture intensity, this is your place.


Warrior Fitness Boot Camp’s indoor obstacle course

After completing three Warrior classes, my overall experience falls somewhere on the scale between agony and exhilaration.  That being said, I’d probably attend more classes in the future if they weren’t so expensive at $50/class (they offer slightly more affordable class packages too).  I don’t think I’d attend regularly enough to warrant buying a membership there, but it’s a great class to mix into my workout repertoire.

Bottom line: Warrior Fitness Boot Camp is one of the top classes in NYC to get your ass kicked into shape.

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