Try This: Top 5 Thrive Market Summer Picks

I’m still loving Thrive Market, so I thought I’d share my top 5 product picks for a healthy, happy summer!

alba-sunscreen-review1. Alba Botanica Mineral Protection Sunblock 30 SPF
Did you know conventional sunscreen is filled with harmful chemicals? This summer I’ve made the full transition to chemical-free sunblocks. I love the Alba Botanica 30 SPF because it rubs in easily without leaving a white sheen.  Two thumbs up.

2. Nourish Organic Almond Vanilla Deodorant
After my previous organic deodorant disaster I was a bit nervous to give all-natural deodorant another try. Thanks to Nourish Organic, I’ve finally found a baking soda-free option that smells great and actually works! Perfect for stayin’ fresh in the summer.

mama-chia-squeeze-review3. Mama Chia Squeeze Green Magic
I’m obsessed with these squeeze packs. If you aren’t into the squishy feel of soaked chia seeds (similar to the texture of tapioca) then you probably won’t be a fan of these. That being said, I urge you to give them a try because these portable 70-calorie packets are a great source of Omega-3, protein and fiber.

4. Herbal Armor Insect Repellent
I love the outdoors but bugs are the ultimate buzzkill. Nothing ruins an outdoor event quite like a swarm of mosquitoes, am I right? This Herbal Armor insect repellent not only receives amazing customer reviews, but it’s also DEET-free, GMO-free and non-irritating.

5. Lily Of Desert Aloe Vera Gelly
Despite being diligent when it comes to sunscreen application, sometimes the sun’s rays get the best of us. This aloe vera gelly is the perfect summertime skin soother.

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