I Tried It: TrampoLEAN Fitness Class

trampolean-nycI recently wrote about my love for Class Pass and also promised to delve into which exercise classes I’ve been enjoying. One of my favorite finds thus far has been trampoLEAN.  I’ve taken rebounding/trampoline workout classes before, so I knew a bit of what to expect when showing up for my first trampoLEAN + Butt & Shoulders class. As with other rebounding classes, there was a lot of cardio involved including a variety of jumps and sprints. What really sets trampoLEAN apart from the competition is the creative use of resistance bands as well as Louis the instructor. The structure of the class flows nicely and isn’t repetitive.

Over the past couple months I’ve tried to take at least one trampoLEAN class per week and I’ve really been enjoying myself.  The other class offerings I’ve tried include trampoLEAN + HiiT & Abs and trampoLEAN + Total Body. All of them have been challenging but fun.

The benefits of rebounding (in addition to the fitness factor) include:
A boost in lymphatic drainage
– Increase energy and oxygen flow
– Improved balance
– Better digestion

I definitely recommend giving trampoLEAN a try. Classes are offered both in Midtown Manhattan and East Hampton, NY.

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