Current Try: Calm Meditation App

Hey guys! I’m excited to share my latest favorite meditation app with you. If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know how much I love the Headspace app.  Andy’s voice is sublimely comforting, isn’t it? I still use Headspace on a consistent basis, but I recently came across another meditation app/website that’s equally as fantastic. offers very simplistic tools, including an app, to help you achieve a state of peace and tranquility. You can choose guided or unguided meditations as short as 2 minutes or as long as 20 minutes. There’s also a variety of background scenes to pick for visual (de)stimulation. My favorite is the Mountain Lake backdrop that includes sounds of birds chirping and water softly flowing. Sometimes I’ll just open the app and enjoy the background without loading a guided meditation.

Feeling more relaxed already?

Feeling more relaxed already?

Stressed at work and need 2 minutes to calm down? is your answer! Feeling fidgety in the dentist waiting room and need to chill out? Load up the Calm app! Seriously, give it a try and let me know your thoughts.


Ps. this is NOT a sponsored post – just a genuine review. 🙂 

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